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General Description

PHLOJEL® Ultra is a lecithin organogel that has been formulated to have cosmetic properties, being non-greasy and having improved skin penetration of incorporated active ingredients. After application to the skin, it rapidly disappears leaving no residue. It has been widely accepted as a superior vehicle for delivering drugs across the skin barrier where relatively high local concentrations of drug are obtained from small applied doses, It also allows drug to perfuse the skin reaching the general circulation when desired, making the topical route an important alternative to the oral route which often is intolerant to the drug.

Preparing Topically-active Creams

Compounding with PHLOJEL® Ultra can occur using either the slab & spatula or mortar & pestle methods for small to medium quantities.  It is compatible with a wide range of concentrations depending on the drug.  In particular, it forms a firm cream using 10-20 percent diclofenac sodium unlike typical PLO gels. When necessary, a small amount of levigating agent can be tolerated with a more crystalline substance, such as ketoprofen.


      • Ease of compounding
      • Non-greasy and no residue after application
      • Compatible with a wide range of drugs and concentrations
      • Clinically-proven to deliver drug to local and systemic sites
      • Possesses skin moisturizing abilities